Wearable ergonomic devices

Activate the Chairless Chair® and profit from the provided posture support

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The Chairolution® is here!

Chairless Chair® is a unique, patent-pending technology developed by noonee®

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Chairolution® "Bringing forth a new era of wearable ergonomic leg devices"

Our vision is to bring state of the art wearable leg assistive devices to everyone

noonee® offers wearable mechatronic technology based on research from the Bio-Inspired Robotics laboratory at ETH Zurich. noonee’s pending patent, Chairless Chair®, technology is a powered, lightweight and energy efficient lower limb (legs) posture support device. It is designed for static as well as dynamic industrial market applications to increase the users' health, comfort and productivity. We aim to change the experience of industry workers in Switzerland and the world allover.


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