A new approach to wearable ergonomic devices

The Chairless Chair® is a unique, patent-pending technology developed by noonee®. It enables a completely new experience of resting your legs while moving around. Our innovation is based on robotic principles for Bio-Inspired Legged Locomotion and Actuation, and on the principles of Passive Dynamics research. Integrating the knowledge and insights gained from these research approaches has allowed us to overcome the weight and power constraints of wearable mechatronic systems.

How it works

The Chairless Chair® is a lightweight, power efficient mechatronic device that is worn on the legs. It allows the wearer/user to walk or run when it is not activated. However, once activated, the Chairless Chair® uses a lightweight portable variable damper to engage and hold the users’ bodyweight, and thereby relieves the stress on leg muscles and joints. The user just needs to move into the desired pose, activate the Chairless Chair® and profit from the provided posture support. 


The bodyweight is directed towards the heel of the shoes, which are attached to the Chairless Chair®. As a result, the device does not touch the ground directly, which not only increases walking comfort, it also improves the ease of wearing.The Chairless Chair® does not provide any muscle strength enhancements, and thereby supports the normal muscle function of the lower limbs while wearing the device. 


The Chairless Chair® is designed for use in dynamic as well as static factory environments that are faced with a lack of space to install ergonomic chairs  and where the workers have to perform various tasks while standing for long periods of time. We believe many of these task are performed in non-optimal postures. The Chairless Chair® will reduce the adverse impact of these non-optimal postures for both healthy workers (prevention) and those already suffering from muscle related injuries. 

In the future, noonee® will make this technology also available for other popular markets such as rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Driven by the continuous growth in wearable robotics and human health sustainability, noonee® has a sizable and sustainable basis for growth.